27 Nov
Palau, Micronesia 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

For a while I was a little worried that I was getting better aerial shots than underwater shots on this trip, so a day of no flying meant I could really think about underwater and concentrate fully on that. This was our last day of diving with Richard at Unique Dive Expeditions before we get onto the live aboard. Richard has looked after us superbly but whilst land based diving is great, live board diving is much better for concentrated photography. Eat, sleep and dive is the order of the day!

We dived Dexter’s Wall, which is next to Blue Corner, where the green turtles come to sleep on the reef. The greens are the ones with the beautiful shells and are not so common on most dive sites, but here I saw ten or more in an hour. It was a wonderful dive, and although we joked before jumping in that we all wanted our own turtle to photograph, in fact we could each have had two. They were very relaxed and if you approach carefully could get them right on the dome port without disturbing them. I shot silhouettes against the sun, without the sun against snell’s window, from above to show off the beautiful shell, right on the domeport to look into their deeply sorrowful eyes. Every shot I could think of, all on one dive.


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