16 Feb
Loreto, Mexico 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

We are in Mexico for a week, staying in a beautiful Golf Resort in Loreto with a group of friends, going out every day to play with the grey whales that come to visit this part of the Sea of Cortez at this time of year. The mothers all have new born babies and over the last decade or so have developed a relationship with the fishermen in the area. They bring their babies to the boats, scratch themselves on the gunwales, and actively encourage contact with people. They lift their huge heads out of the water and get you to scratch them all over, even opening their mouths to allow you to rub them on the tongue, something that makes them produce rumbling sounds that we cannot help but anthropomorphically associate with pure joy.

Not all the whales do this, but we had three great encounters in the four and a half hours we were on the water today, and saw maybe twenty or more mother and calf pairs. If they don’t want to play they calmly move the babies away from the boat as we approach. We respect their privacy and move on.

At the end of the day we saw something that has not been scientifically noted in this area, at least to Tony’s knowledge, dolphins feeding by forcing the fish onto the shallow sand banks and then almost breaching themselves to scoop them up. They don’t go as far out of the water as the ones observed doing this in Carolina, but they are definitely going up into the shallows and forcing the fish almost onto the beach. Something amazing to see.


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