17 Feb
Loreto, Mexico 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

Today started a little slowly, a fog hung over the sea and the whales seemed reluctant to come and play, but as the fog slowly lifted the whales seemed to become more active. Maybe it was just that we could see them more easily, and they could see us. There were two highpoints of the day for me. One was a boat full of local Mexican tourists, all shouting and screaming with delight when the whales came close to them. It was a non stop chorus of happy shouting and talking, and I’m sure I heard someone say ‘Ay Corumba!’ as the mother came really close and blew water all over them.

The other thing was watching a mother letting her calf play with the people on the boat. She watched carefully as the calf rubbed itself along the side and was splashed and petted by the family onboard. Then she slowly cruised over and raised her massive head out to be touched as well, before slowly swimming away. There is no doubt the whales come to enjoy us as much as we enjoy them. They can swim away at any point, but they choose to come right up to the boats and seek the human touch.


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