19 Feb
Loreto, Mexico 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

Today started much the same as yesterday although the sea fog was quite a bit thicker when we set out from the port. We spotted a pair of coyotes scavenging along the sea shore, and even a lone sea lion out in the lagoon.

It took a while to find some whales that wanted to interact, but when they finally did we had about forty five minutes with a mother and calf to ourselves. This pair weren’t so keen on coming in to be patted, but stayed with the boat, rolling around on their backs and scratching themselves on the hull, which caused a couple of wobbly moments for us on board. The baby was rolling across the mother’s head and back, totally relaxed.

After a while we found another calf, this one was going between three boats back and forth grabbing attention as much as it could. The mother was very chilled, staying about ten or fifteen meters away while the calf was off with the humans. Finally she came in to the boats and craved some attention herself before finally swimming off. The rambunctious baby tried to head straight to another boat but the mother swiftly and firmly cut between it and the boat and forced the calf off into the lagoon. Definite whale discipline in action.


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