04 May
Tarragona, Spain 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

After a very boozy weekend at Emma and Helen’s wedding where I didn’t take too many photos, and those I did were all blurry, we have now headed down the coast a little bit to Tarragona. I knew there was a Roman amphitheatre on the coast just up from the marina from looking at the maps so I took the Phantom out for the first time in three months for a flight this morning.

I had a restless night thinking about dropping it in the ocean, as my cousin Andy did recently, and even trying to remember what controls made it go up and forward, but I got up with the sunrise and went out to shoot anyway. The amphitheatre was about seven hundred meters away from the marina wall and everything went according to plan. Two batteries and a few panoramas later I am safely back in the boat having coffee.

We plan to walk around the town today and then head down the coast towards Cartagena after dinner. That will take about eighteen hours or so and it’s best to get the miles under the belt while the weather is in our favour.


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