16 May
Chefchaouen, Morocco 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

We drove from Tangiers to Fes today, about five to six hours all together, with a stop at Chefchaouen for a wander around the medina and a lunch of burnt cows feet stew. The Rif Mountains are in the full bloom of spring. Every inch is agricultural fields and it could almost be the rolling hills of the South Downs of England in places. The wheat is high, canola fields are bright yellow and the spring flowers are everywhere. It’s a lovely time to drive across the country.

Chefchaouen is known as the “Blue Village” for good reason. It is very picturesque, nestled between two mountains, the houses clinging to the hillside as the town spills down the valley. The sun was out today but the streets of the medina were cool in the shade as we wandered around after our guide, a little old man who ran up and down the steps a lot faster than I did, pointing out all the good vantage points for photos.

We stopped in a small restaurant as we wanted to try a local delicacy, cows feet that have been burnt in the fire, scraped, and then melted down into a sticky stew which is eaten with bread and chick peas. Ildi loved it, I was ambivalent. Our guide was astonished that we wanted to try it, but then he is used to ‘different’ kinds of tourists who would rather have a hamburger or a hot dog. He’s going to enjoy this week!


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