02 Jul
Mosquera Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

Anyone who has a love of natural history has The Galapagos Islands high on the wish list of places to visit. Although this is a dive trip and the focus is under the water, we got a chance to do a land tour today and it didn’t disappoint. Land and marine iguanas wandered around, sea lions basked in the sun, blue footed boobies and frigate birds, both with eggs and chicks in all stages of development, were nesting arms reach from the well defined path. It was a photographers delight.

We did a couple of dives this morning in a calm bay off Mosquera Island. The visibility wasn’t bad at around 10-15m and there were masses of fish, including a lot of very large snappers. A sea lion dived in front of me when I first got in, but I didn’t see it. I also didn’t see the turtles or the hammerhead shark that the others saw. Hopefully I will see all the big stuff when we get to our destination for the next three days at the north of the archipelago where all the best diving is.


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