05 Jul
Wolf Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

Overnight we moved a couple of hours south to Wolf Island. The diving here is under the sheer cliffs of the island on rocky ledges covered with boulders. The current is strong to ripping and the eagle rays, hammerheads and galapagos sharks hang just off the wall very close to the divers. It makes Blue Corner at Palau look tame. The first dive was at Shark bay and was a bit lame, so we were all a little downcast going in for the second one. However at Landslide, the dive site for the second dive, it was non stop action. Everywhere you went there were hammerheads and the galapagos sharks came right onto the dome port. They are big sharks and at up to three metres can be a little intimidating until you realise they are pretty timid and don’t like the bubbles.

The eagle rays also swam right next to us as we hung on to the rocks with one hand and tried to shoot with the other. I have been shooting without strobes for the whole trip so far as they get blown around in the current and make things very difficult. It’s hard enough trying to stay in one place let alone sticking a camera with strobes into the raging current with one hand. Luckily the Nikon D4 takes very good photos.


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