08 Sep
The Junkyard, Bird’s Head Peninsular, Indonesia 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

We are making our way along the north of the Bird’s Head Peninsular at the top of Irian Jaya from Cenderawasih Bay to Raja Ampat and The Dampier Straits. We should be in Dampier tomorrow and hopefully good diving. We stopped at midday today at a dive site called The Junkyard which consists of a collection of WWII equipment, landing crafts and old boats, sunk at the end of the war in about twenty meters of water. It wasn’t supposed to be a great dive so we all had macro lenses on but as soon as we got down there and had a look around it was obvious we had made the wrong choice. The pile of equipment was covered with soft corals and gorgonian fans of every size and shape. It formed a beautiful backdrop for wide angle images and there was a big school of yellow snappers swimming over it, plus a school of batfish roaming the site.

I did consider coming out and changing lenses and after the dive Phil told me he was thinking I would have done it. I really should have. It’s not as if I will come here again as on this trip there are too many long passages as the boat makes it way from a season at Cenderawasih Bay over to Raja Ampat for the next few months. I don’t think I will choose a trip that involves moving from one place to the other again. Too much non-diving time, although it is great to spend time with a group of friends I don’t see enough of.


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