04 Nov
La Paz, Mexico 0

Posted by Julian Cohen

Today was one of those very rare days that make all the travel and effort worth while. All three dives had interactions with sea lion pups that got better and better. We spent a fair amount of time in a cave that the pups like to play in, and Rick and I found ourselves together for most of the dive with the pups. We let them gnaw on our hands and fingers; their teeth are surprisingly not sharp and they are very gentle, just mouthing really. If you get a little boisterous with them, they respond in kind, just as a dog would do, but they start off quite submissively. One or two are braver than the others and once they make the connection with you, they keep coming back for more, nudging your hands for attention if you are not watching them.

I spent some time on the last dive in a cave on the sunny side of the island with Alex and discovered a new game with one very boisterous pup. He would come up to the camera and I would suddenly thrust it towards him and trigger the flash at the same time. This really set him off and he went nuts, swimming away and then coming back to me again and again pretending to bite at the camera. Each time the flash would go off he would bite at it and then barrel roll in front of me and zoom off at top speed only to return a few seconds later for more. He did this for what seemed like ages and the whole time I was shooting at a low shutter speed to create some really different action shots. It looks very aggressive but it is in fact just great fun.


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